Tom Andrews

About Tom

My interest in music grew through the late Seventies and early eighties. My parents played a variety of music at home, from Mahler through to Elvis Costello and Talking heads, taking in Steely Dan and Soft Machine to name a few! The first album I was bought (for Christmas 1982) was the excellent Complete Madness LP. Around this time, I developed an interest in electronic music, the works of Tangerine dream being a particular favourite of mine growing up (and still now), indeed I actually wanted to be in an electronic musician.

In 1979, at the age of seven, I started violin lessons and through my youth, played in a youth orchestra. I started dabbling in keyboards in my teens and enjoyed making my own music.

I have been playing drums since the not so tender age of seventeen. As mentioned, I had been playing the violin, but found its rather Neanderthal characteristics too tedious and wanted an instrument with which I could show more sensitivity. The drums were an obvious choice. Since then I have played, with varying degrees of success, everything from modern (and not so modern) jazz to Rock.

Bands currently played in include: The Doctors (loosely Americana with mostly original material); Celtic fiddley funky folk prog punk jazz rock legends (or leg ends depending on your point of view), The Fold and alternative pop rock band Unquiet Things.

Possibly not so good for my street cred, I used to play in Jethro Tull tribute band The Dayglo Pirates and also, Eastbourne based big band 'The Johnny Spice Swing Orchestra' (the late great Johnny's band).

Given the above, it is perhaps not surprising that I also find time to play with a variety of those irritating pub and function covers bands.
...and yes I did once play in an unofficial band with Peter Green, but thatís another story...

Musical heroes:
I am a particular fan of Women in rock and pop: they are often overlooked and underrated. My two greatest heroines that I adore and who inspire me are two Kates: Kate Bush and particularly KT Tunstall.

Drumming influences:
Among my favourite drummers are: Barrie Barlow, Clive Bunker, Ginger Baker, Chester Thompson, Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Phil Collins, Billy Cobham, Bonzo, Ian Paice, Mick Fleetwood, Louie Belson, Keith Moon, Gilson Lavis, Pete Thomas, Art Blakey, Jeff Porcaro, Bernard 'Pretty' Perdie, Stuart Elliot ('cause he's played on most Kate Bush albums as well as The Alan Parsons Project), Luke Bullen ('cause he does play on every KT album)... the list goes on (there are far too many to mention). I would also like to go even further back and discover greats such as Chick Webb, who was one of the first players to actually play a drum kit.

I also try to play Piano and Glockenspiel.

Chick Webb in action