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The original line-up of Altogether Elsewhere, Preston Park, Brighton, 1990

From left to right: Jon Wood: electric guitar; Chris Way (seated): acoustic guitar; Steve Harrison: bass; Jules Lawrence: flute, harmonica; Lesley Milward (seated): fiddle; John (JC) Calway: drums; Martin Weymouth: vocals, tamborine; (photographer: Sue Wood)


 Line-up two of Altogether Elsewhere, Lewes 1992

From left to right: Chris Way: acoustic guitar, saxophone; Steve Harrison: bass; Jon Wood: electric guitar; Martin Weymouth: vocals, tamborine; Jane Barker: fiddle; John (JC) Calway: drums; (photographer: Sue Wood)

Check out the other pages: AE Gallery, AE Music, and AE Recalled (which includes recollections from band members) for more information. Altogether Elsewhere existed from 1989 and split in 1993. In that short period they burned brightly, especially during 1990 and 1991, and then crashed to the ground with a bump!  Read on.....!

Mega-fan of the band, Jason Pelling (Brighton Comedian and bar stool storyteller in The Basketmakers, Brighton - when it is open that is!) has a signed by the band final gig poster framed and up on his wall at home. He has kindly agreed to let us put a photo of

it up on this site. Here it is.   

Final Gig.JPG
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