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Three)(fold consist of Steve (singer), Hanna and Jon of The Fold plus Ollie (far right) on bass (here shown with Lila). This photo was taken backstage at The Wickham Festival in 2017: the occasion of the band's first gig.

The band, which formed in the spring of 2017, play original folk, blues, bluegrass and rock 'n' roll music.

Check our their first EP (on the right) which was recorded in April, 2018 and currently is only available here. The track 'Setting Out' is also available as a video.  

The EP showcases Hanna's finger picking skills (Easy and Free) and flute playing (Setting Out). Plus having two songwriters in the band leads to a lot of variety for an acoustic-based oufit.

Three)(fold are on extended break and no new shows are being booked.

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